I have been bbqing most of my life since i was 20 and doing contests and now im fixing to retire from the medical field  after 42 years i want a small bbq business so i can bbq for others. I want to cook at bbq contest, catering, flea markets, and maybe open a small bbq stand. My wife Regina loves to help me with the fixings that go with bbq.

     My bbq team consest of myself, Regina, Dustin (my grandson), Kristen (his wife), Eva (my niece), and Michael (her husband) and hopefully with my new Traegar grill we shall have a very good year in 2017.

     We are from Ripley, Tennessee about 50 miles north of Memphis  and just 20 miles south of Dyersburg, Tennessee and we love to cater to  customers and meet new friends as we travel so hopefully we shall meet you somewhere either at contest, catering, or at a flea market.

       I have  a page on here that tells what contest we will be in and also tells where we will be catering next so if need bbq catered we can meet and hopefully please your catering needs.